Increasing consumption of safe and nutritious foods—especially among youth—is a key component of the USG’s Global Food Security Strategy. To address this, see how the USAID Feed the Future Bangladesh Nutrition activity partnered with A R Malik Seeds Pvt. Ltd. —an agricultural input company—is working to promote gardening clubs and demonstration plots in 30 schools in southern Bangladesh. Meet Sabiha Yasmin Anchol (Top photo), an adolescent leader of Belfuliya Islamia High School in Khulna, how she takes care of her vegetable garden. She received training from AR Malik Seeds on preparing the land, sowing seeds, and harvesting through the installation of Pushti Maath at her school compound. “With the support of Bangladesh Nutrition Activity, now we have understood the concept of gardening different seasonal vegetables and setting up homestead gardens,” said 14-year-old Sabiha Yasmin Anchol of Belfuliya Islamia High School in Khulna. “We also know the nutritional value of different vegetables. We learned the methods and benefits of homestead gardening, and this will ensure the nutrition of our families.” With support from USAID – US Agency for International Development, see how the school clubs (bottom photo) manage the gardens, conduct leadership activities, and engage the community to support improved nutrition. The initiative empowered hundreds of students to become community leaders in the area of nutrition. Accomplishments of students participating in the program include helping to establish a school meal program for more than 1,500 students, conducting a cooking show to demonstrate how to make a nutritious meal, and establishing over 230 homestead gardens.