About us

A. R. Malik & Company (Pvt.) Limited was founded by Mr. A. R. Malik in the year of 1969. Prior to that, he served the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC, then EPADC) as a Divisional Manager for about 10 years.

The company started with the activities of developing a seed market in Bangladesh from the world’s reputed foreign seed companies. We are still continuing as such; but in addition, they have been involved with the research based marketing of Vegetable Seeds, Seed Potatoes and other various seed items since 1982.
We have an experienced and highly professional board of directors and well organized marketing networks including renowned agriculturist of the country. In addition, a successful team of experienced technical personnel, combined with a large number of Seed Distributors and Dealers with a strong network covering entire Bangladesh making our company uniquely positioned for a strong positive growth.

                          Chairman’s Message

chairmanQuality seeds are linked to enhance our national economy as 80% population of Bangladesh lives on farming. The seeds must be of high quality to combat drought, salinity and sub-mergence situations. Our enriched Product Development through Research & Development and Varieties Screening programs allow us to screen and produce quality seeds for diversified agro-ecological regions of the country.

Our commitment is to intensify crop diversification with more nutritional crops through production and distribution of hybrid seeds in Bangladesh. Through strong team work in our continuous improvement culture, we are confident to continue increasing our capacity for domestic production and distribution of quality seeds. We are also empowering our farmers through training and development programs to maximize the return on their investments.


To provide best quality seeds with best services to farmers.


In keeping with our vision, our mission is to market quality seeds by working closely with our distributors, dealers and farmers. Our research and development team ensures appropriate and desirable seed characteristics. We have a strong marketing team throughout the country to promote our seeds and explore new marketing opportunities utilizing innovative techniques including novel electronic applications for communication and real time data collection, reporting and analysis.

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