R & D

Our Research and Development Division is based on our farm located at Birganj Dinajpur which is the northern area of Bangladesh. Malik’s Farm is located right beside the Dhaka – Rangpur Highway. The nearest two towns Thakurgaon and Birganj is only 15 KM from Malik’s Farm. Moreover, Saidpur Domestic Airport is only 45 minutes’ drive from our farm.

The total area of our farm is 35 acres, with in that area we have 11 acres of Mango Orchard, 1.5 acres of Lychee Orchard, 21 acres of Trail area, and our Farm House is based on 1 acres of area.


In our farm we have 12 people in total overseeing our research and development division, among them 6 personnel are engaged in research activities and the remaining personnel assists with our farm development activities.

Activities at our research and development division include:

  • Crop evaluation of new and future varieties.
  • Demonstration of our crop varieties with the leading competitor varieties.

The samples that we receive are put on trial according to their characteristics and optimum climate conditions. Throughout the trial process our research and development personnel evaluate the samples based on their physiological features and fruit bearing and choose the best possible variety, if not we request to provide us improved sample varieties and put them under trial. Moreover, to select the best sample we do joint evaluation with our foreign principal representatives and also twice every year we evaluate the new samples with our marketing personnel and our valued customers.

r-d-3Foreign Principal Evaluation

As per our requirement we request our foreign principals to provide us with samples, we put those samples under trail all year round and twice every year during harvest we invite the representatives for a joint evaluation with our company research personnel. The evaluation is done based on the parameters that help us determine the best product for our market. After evaluation we recommend the product for multi-location trial. Recent joint evaluation with foreign principles ….


Local Evaluation

Local evaluation is done by selecting the appropriate samples along with our own varieties and competitor varieties. For this evaluation we organize a field day at our farm and invite our marketing personnel and our valued customers during the month of May and December. During this trial they provide us with their valuable insight on the existing vegetable market and help us choose the best among the new varieties, which we later recommend for multi-location trial. Recent evaluation with marketing department & customers

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